Uh-mazing Fresh looks

I am so looking forward to taking my weekend back...will finally be getting some of that needed sleep this weekend (eyes, arms and legs crossed).
Ok, I'm trying to be strong but I really miss my sister...She's out of the country and I have just inherited my energetic/athletic 2yr old nephew for a month...wish me luck on that...my goal is to make an excellent Aunt/mom...so I'm up to the challenge, hopefully I would have no major issues to pull my hair before she returns.
So have you all been loving this H&M latest Magazine Photoshoot as much as I have? It is such a breath of freshness. I love every piece in these collection. The model looks amazing and the photos are all on point. I love that yellow was the colour of focus in every look with it's intiricate details.
hm | True Colors

Modelled by Carola Remer
Photograph by Camilla Akrans
Styled by Clare Richardson

And since we're already falling head over for h&m, how do you like the newest fashion designer- Fashion Star Winner Kara Laricks and her latest collection for h&m. Her designs have that element of non-conformist mixes that are quite daring but tempting to explore. That's just me, what do you think of it?

Love this look of her checking out the racks.
It's always an incredible feeling to hear stories like kara's, a former school teacher now living her dream as a successful designer...
Have an amazing smile filled weekend!

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