I really didn't think through what a come-back | RETURN message for this space would be. Many times I searched in horror that this space was gone and out of my reach forever...whenever I searched and found error that I couldn't recover it. Oh well I figured, it's meant to be left alone. I can't describe to you the internal joy of scribbling on this page once again, hoping that someone out there might actually find their way back to here. I realize now how much I missed it here. Getting all those feedback from folks I didn't know. People genuinely encouraging one another to be better bloggers by giving out complimentary vibes on each post. Didn't think I got a chance to say "THANK YOU" to the many friends made on this page, and what reading their blogs and posts made me feel. I recall each day, making it a point to check my favorite blogs and chime in on whatever topic they were pondering on or sharing. This was a personal space to rant and share, and nothing was more freeing to do just that and being surrounded with such great spirits who made every bit of the journey worth it. 2017 is near end and I wish you all the merry days ahead⭆...


AMA Gorgeous Glam Line up

True confession, I did not watch (quite the norm these days) but I couldn't help the fact that it's all over the internet. Plus I love to check out the dresses after the effect, so here are a few of my faves of the 2012 American Music Award.

 I love this unexpected assymetrical dress on Brandy...
but I wish she lost the boots!
 Kelly is forever beautiful
 Stacy Keibler
One of my most favorite...Heidi brings it on!
 Taylor looks stunning...I'm so glad she tried something as young as she really is

Carrie Underwood is always gorgeous...
one of those girls that can't do anything wrong.
Yellow makes anyone beautiful...Minaj looks great
images: music.yahoo.com | wonderwall.msn.com


Yay! to Personal edge

It is very refreshing to know that Rita Ora, one of the hippiest newbie in the music world is staying original  to her personal style of mix and match. Her fashion attitude is one that not too many stars are anxious to embrace but it's easy to fall in love with her street stunning funky fashion  to her glamour glits when she deems it necessary.

 * By the way am I the only one that think she has a familiar face...a blend of Beyonce and Rihanna...It's in there somewhere.

P.S. Due to my overwhelming academic routine, it is impossible for me to keep a consistent blog schedule...but I intend to leave this space open. I am constantly collecting and piling up new themes, so thanks for the comments and personal emails and feedbacks. BTW let's instagram (Ellatreschic).


Vacay Day2

By now, all the thrill of this moment have definitely dwindled, so I apologize for the lateness, yet again. If only adding more hours to the day was an option, I would undoubtedly vote for extension.
I know I promised to share some of my photos from the Cruise trip in August...so bear with me as it continues to crawl it's way up here.

This was the 2nd day, when we made it to our first stop in Grand Turk. And also the formal night aboard the ship.
 we have arrived...yay!

 beach/relaxing moment at Grand Turk
 being entertained by dinner crew...awesome!
 @dinner with cruise mates
I really packed for comfort, so even my supposedly formal dinner dress had to be as well.
I can dress it up or down if need be...And this American Apparel one shoulder blue did it for me.
too much trouble, I had to change to comfortable shoes before the night was over.

Spring | summer 2013 already!

Yes! Oscar de la Renta never fails to wow us with his bold and ever confident designs. With these fun mix of lace, latex, unexpected combinations, these collection is absolutely all the rave. I love the no-limit statement of the color palette.  And he definitely fulfilled most women's dream with the pencil skirts, the jumpsuits, the embroideries and all the metallic details for the edgy look.

These are few selection from the awe inspiring RTW collection:
Oscar de la Renta | SS 2013 RTW

images: Vogue


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