Sunday Morning- Hair Adventure

CL: 155
So I woke up this morning with Bantu knots. I really can't believe I'm taking up this challenge...I've had my hair natural for about a year but never really muscled up the bravery to find myself in the whole look.
 I don't think I have the personality that goes with it...and now I feel like I have to make changes to my wardrobe to include this new person too.

Anywho my sisters challenged me to go through the rest of the year with my natural adventure, I'm so not confident in how that's going to play out but I like to win...so I have to get creative.. And if any one has any specific idea/tip on styling...help me out! I don't want to get bored already.

after undoing the bantu, the curls were tighter than I expected,
so I had to comb it out a bit.
My goal is to achieve the looser wave next time...

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