Black Dresses- Should Have

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So I had one of those moments, where I'm having a conversation with self (not out-loud) but smiling or laughing out loud (looking around to make sure no one thinks you're nuts). A very unique day it's been, I know exactly where and what I did this same day last year (creepy huh?). I ventured into hobby lobby for a BSJ errand, and I'm so running back there the second I get a chance.

Lately, I've been loving the vibe that black color gives...I mean this of course in terms of clothing. All black doesn't have to be goth or boring. It should be edgy and stunning when worn right.
I promise it's not a mood thing...these selection speak for themselves

perfect year round Black dresses to have

Zara dress

Nasty gal


have a joyful weekend

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