Models Don't Smile | WHY?

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Call it being bored at the moment...but looking through elle's top ten trends of 2012, I couldn't help but notice an entirely different trend.

Someone remind me why Models don't smile again? I understand that they are just part of a fashion-art exhibition but it shouldn't kill to smile.
Then I started thinking deeper into the fact that some of this runway clothes are not exactly meant to be worn as is, so the model might not be thrilled to be wearing a particular piece...lol.

Here's a few on my not so smiley list:
Designer: Manisha Arora
Bird Trend 2012
My thought: There's no way this gorgeous model will crack a smile
when her nipple is so out there and definitely wearing
imaginary top.

Designers: Mary Katratzou- L | Anne Demeulemeester- R 
Digital Imaging Trend 2012
My thought: Seriously, I don't see any one wanting to rock a landscaped
and gift wrap look for the glam of it. And what model on the right, she probably still can't figure out what she was wearing.

Designers: Giambattista Valli- L | Chloe- R
Drop waisted Trend 2012
My thought: Finally a beacon of hope, at least their outfits are
freely flowing, hence a partial smile.
Images: Elle.com

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