London is Here

View from the dinner party at Dodget's

After the long delay at JFK, we were pretty much on a time crunch to make it to London b4 midnight (curfew) and my alternative pickup ended up being the tube...lol, I was so not ready for that but a kind friend was waiting patiently and my heavy luggages became lighter. The last Picadilly train out of Heathrow was not a bad ride at all...anyway, I made it to my apartment at 3am that morning...I was burned out, I crashed right in the living room, it wasn't until morning that I noticed where my room was...lol. Good thing I have secured one of those Maps of London...and life on the tube has become effortless...though the gloomy weather and rain never ends, and classes start soon...but it's been a good few days...and the future is looking good.

At the end of our welcome to London dinner party one of the advisors said, for the love of Shakespeare, "to thine ownself be true"...and it made so much sense.

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