In love with London

Honestly...I don't know how much flesh I can retain if the food situation in london continues...lol...I almost haven't had a real meal since I got here, by the time I find something it's either too late or what I end up getting tastes like crap. No offence but now I see why they are so skinny and their cousins much fleshier...by the way the Panoramic tour today was amazing...I fell in love with the gorgeous historical architectures in london...the Kensington and Chelsea area...totally breath taking. The Queen's Buckingham Palace...fabulous, I think my camera battery ran low in that one spot...lol, there was way too much to see in one day...so am sure gonna take special time to hang out at the Picadilly square and the other great places that we toured...The tour guy we concluded was creepy enough and a dirty old man (his jokes)

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