There's really no right time to say good bye....the family left to NGR and I feel this crazy emptiness...the noise, all that is gone...back to reality. I don't know who else but I can't stand the NGR Consulate and their unprofessionally bad habbit of not answering or returning calls...the essential goal is for them to serve the population they represent but calling them for anything is a total waste of time. Now I have to physically go to NY...just to get an info to something I cld otherwise ask over the phone...they frustrate the living day light out of me...You wld think that something as highly sought as the Consulate would be less insuffient but you'll be surprised.( just had to get that out of my mind).

But hey summer is winding down and it's about that time of the year to use the brain again...for those of us still in sch...phewwww...i'm not even gonna complain...just gonna go into it...doing and expecting all the best...hurrray!

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