BeiJing + GoodBye B-Mac

8-8-08, Yeah I totally feasted myself with the Olympic opening, and I was so glad I did because that monumental opening was one not to be forgotten. It was an 'uh ah' moment all the way, I wonder why it was done in the Forbidden but an extremely gorgeous arena. The drumming alone was conducted like a minitary squad...everything was impecable...I'm just waiting to see the reaction of the next Host country...b'cos the bar is set quite high. Even the American Commentator said just the opening was indeed intimidating...lol! you bet, not one string was out of place.
Moving on...It's always never easy to imagine how unbearable it must be when families suffer the loss of a loved one ...Today one of the beloved Comedian/actor BERNIE MAC died at 50. Yet again this reminds us of how fragile Life is...and while every second should be spent loving and cherishing the ones around you. My prayers are w/those going through the loss of their loved ones. It's exactly 6months of my Grandma's death Anniversary...Saying goodbye is never easy...but hopefully we can look back and not be sorry for the times spent.

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