MD-July 4th


Ok...So I totally blew it, seriously forgot about my Numero Uno Anniversary on Blogger (JUNE 29). Such a monumental mistake, that's so careless of me but I only have myself to deal with. Anyway, it's all but a special number. It's been a crazy summer. I've had my share of fun and still looking forward to some...some drama unfolded as usual when 3 girls in a space becomes a crowd...all that crap, sometimes it doesn't make sense to be civil...and sometimes you just let things happen. Anyway, in MD I saw quite a few interesting folks, some I'ld definitely wanna meet again and some not so much. It was nice going away for a brief period and taking time to appreciate what you have or reflect on things you don't. I somehow got inspired, disgusted, and had it...all in one event. Anywho...it's all a learning process.

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