Thin Line Between Walking and Falling

Keeping up with the "now" American Legacy of Falling while on the Runway was Crystal Stewart, and is by far not the first to do it. She simply joined the ones before her and probably won't be the last as the list for USA beauties keeps getting longer. I thought it was too much confidence that she just couldn't ccompose herself...I'm not even gonna go into my disappointment about the whole Miss Universe 08' shebang, because it was not satisfactory at all. It was almost deliberate who was going to win, The Top 4 South American contestants and 1 Russia to make up the joke...Common!

Miss USA at Miss Universe 2008- She the last but not the least

Miss USA 2007 falls- it happens

Carmen Electra fell too

*Maybe there's a lesson behind all these "Go for the Crown" even if you fall doing it. Whatever you do Someone's gotta keep the Tradition, If falling does it....Keep it up girls...lol

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