BACK W/ A smile

Among the many new happenings this summer and life in general. My cousin and I decided to attend the NG reunion in Baltimore. One of my friend is also coming from another state with some other folks...lol we've never been to any of these gathering but had to pencil it in as another summer event of curiousity. We definitely plan to drive over since MD is under 4hrs away from NJ...but yeah apparently all rentals are sold out, how that is possible is still incomprehensible.

besides the everyday disappointment of the gas maniac and the knock on wood "we're not calling it a recession" life's been quite dandy. It's always inspiring to keep striving, making strides and going for the best.

Little Wisdom for the road
*last night I was just discussing with my cousin about how there are still good people who would find your lost item and endeavor to return it without asking for anything.
we had few examples of our own and it just made all the sense in the world that taking time to do a good thing is very inspiring and will motivate others to want to influence another.

my advice...take a chance be a good samaritan, make a positive change...be the exception!

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