RI to NY to NJ

Finally! Class is definitely done with. Then came the Memorial weekend of Mayhem, at least for me it was. Couple of friends and I went to NY and I of course stayed in NJ. so the anticipated Ghana Meets Nigeria was the next day. I'm usually not into the hype of those events but since we were already around the block we decided to check it out. Lets just say, I couldn't figure out what the hell the party was about. Basically we paid 50 bucks to stand around in the company of bad music...except one or two songs. Then the arrogant thing with bow tie...acting like all the girls should automatically come to him. Anyway, we eventually had it, less than 2hrs in and made the escape to the freshness of the outside breeze...if only getting out was that easy. Piles and crowd of desperate faces were outside squeezing the life out of each other for a chance to get closer to the entrance...I pleaded pretty much to let them make way for me to get out. They had no idea how it's like inside...you know what they say "it's always greener on the other side". We sure didn't hesitate to tell those who asked us what it felt like inside...to cut the silly long story short, The party was shut down after we left...too many people in one little room, although I gotta say the location was pretty nice...for a classy small sized party. PHeWWWWW! regardless of the disappointment...the rest of the Weekend was awesome...I had a blast.

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