Fash Flubs or Not!

If this is not a bad bad fashion then I don't know what is...and what in the heaven's name happened to her face?

Kim-propriety: Belly chains are called that for a reason. Much as Lil' Kim might try to convince herself otherwise, the "belly" part isn't merely a suggestion. The diminutive rapper hits the TomKat-hosted "Welcome to America" bash for David and Victoria Beckham (no, we don't know why she's there) wedged into what is best described as a kidney chain, which might be just the thing if you're worried about unwittingly having your organs harvested, but at a chichi Los Angeles soiree it's decidedly déclassé. Adding to Kim's woes are her uncouth accoutrements, including her slick, baby oil-slathered torso; trowel-applied face paint; Sharpie-drawn eyebrows; anti-social BlackBerry; and alarmingly prominent above-the-lip mole, which aims for Marilyn Monroe but crash-lands on malignant. (Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.com)

I don't think her dress is a flub...it's gorgeous! what actually got me is the comment...very funny.

Peachy Scheme: One day, thought Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist. One day, when she least suspects it, I'll make her pay for her many crimes -- the forced lectures on the hidden gem that is "Gigli," the group "Jenny From the Block" sing-alongs, the Marc Anthony look-alike contests (for crying out loud, I starved myself for a week and still didn't win!). All I'll need is a little blackmail material on her stylist so there will be no argument when I replace her fabulous couture with that hideous whipped salmon-meets-undercooked poultry-tinted chiffon gown my mother wore to her Texas cotillion in 1976. Then, I'll slather on the matching peach lipstick and blush I borrowed from my mortician pal, all the while sweet-talking her into believing breast-grazing tan lines and Shirley Temple curls are so much hotter than, say, a just-off-the-runway Balenciaga. Soon, revenge will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. (Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com)

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