It's Over-Let Go

You Know every time I assure myself that I'm not gonna rant about my personal issues...I know we've all got one and some of us know how to compose and blog it away. well I was gonna be strong and not whine about every nook and cranny of my business...Although I have to say the hardest thing is keeping those emotions down with...you know the facade some of us put on!. Anyway...let the truth be told, I'm so done keeping anymore so called "best friends", you know I have always grown up to appreciate friendship. Especially when you treat these people like families...but yeah i had one of those for years and yari yari yara...it's all gone with the wind. perhaps my rage is that there was never a closure ...it was just one of those distance situations, where you notice the other wanting to be on their own and you feeling awkward around them. Maybe what alerted me was, when the usual compliments thinned out to "oh, it's nice", silent nods  until no one says anything at all. It was major strange, So I kept my distance as well. You know, I don't think it's healthy for anyone to continue in a relationship or friendship where they struggle to enjoy each other's company or rejoice with them. So I say to myself, "life is too damn short to waste pondering on what should, would,could have but ooopps! didn't happen. I don't need  anyone to define who I am if I have been my true self all along. So yeah it's been few weeks and I'm finding my inner peace everyday...what more can a gorgeous,elegant, and well kept lady ask for....(if u feel like saying something to me, go on, let it out).

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