Yay! to Personal edge

It is very refreshing to know that Rita Ora, one of the hippiest newbie in the music world is staying original  to her personal style of mix and match. Her fashion attitude is one that not too many stars are anxious to embrace but it's easy to fall in love with her street stunning funky fashion  to her glamour glits when she deems it necessary.

 * By the way am I the only one that think she has a familiar face...a blend of Beyonce and Rihanna...It's in there somewhere.

P.S. Due to my overwhelming academic routine, it is impossible for me to keep a consistent blog schedule...but I intend to leave this space open. I am constantly collecting and piling up new themes, so thanks for the comments and personal emails and feedbacks. BTW let's instagram (Ellatreschic).

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Brenda's Skinny Bish said...

Me tooo! That's what I've been saying-that she looks like a blend or Beyonce and Rihanna! haha...I do not agree with her "pants dragging on the ground" trend which she likes to sport but her look is definitely different!


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