Hats On-Layers Off

Yes, it is that time of the year...even though, the foggy weather persists...but with our Floppy Hats Craze we are sure to draw in the sun. I can't help but give in to the beauty of Floppy hats, especially because they seem to suit any style choice. Whether elegantly worn or for a beach break...you really can't go wrong...They are Big, Floppy, and in your Face. So on my hunt to put this topic to rest...I rummaged through my favorite stylists online and...Voilaaa! they didn't disappoint. I'm definitely whipping out mine wherever I left it because i'm in the mood...
~Cheers!!! and thanks to the ladies for letting me feature their fabulous floppy hats!

I love the vibrance of the Hat +Lip- So Glam
For more Styles and shopping, check out NICOLE of Gary Pepper Vintage

So chic and ever green
Styled By: FATIMA B. of Ingredients For Style she's got some amazing sense of style because I got hooked.

I really fancy this look- Edgy

All I see is Happy + Vintage
Style By: FRANCESCA G.  She's got that ish' style

Spring/Summer doesn't get better than this
Style By: KAYTURE - check her site for more inspirations

And Need I say More- Humongous
KIM CANTRELL on the set of Sex and The City

For your Shopping delight: Few of my fav. at good prices too
$49.00- Bebe
Striped Floppy Hat
Buy at bebe.com or Shopstyle.com
 Luxury Divas
Seductive Red Wide Brim Diva Style Floppy Hat  
$26.99 at Amazon

Floppy Chain-trim Hat
$34.95 at Gap


The Corner Shop said...

LOL at Kim's hat! Hilarious. Loving the rest


kitkat said...

They are sooo cute!!! i jst dnt know if i'll ever get one cos they are too dressy. i cnt wear them without attracting too many unwanted attention lol

Stella Kodi said...

Tell me about it @ Adiya...it's the mother of all hats...

Oh Kitty...I'm sure you can pull it off...some are not as dressy, like wearing it at the beach...but trust me if you have to deal with a blasting sun...you'ld be surprised how quickly you grab one.

chictherapy said...

now i want a floppy hat

(Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle) said...

Sigh...love this awesome hats!! Great images too doll.

Thx for visiting my blog and I would love to follow each other..Let me know!! :)


Stella Kodi said...

@ ChicTherapy...Go get it gurl!

@ Marina...thanks for visiting...I appreciate the sweetness.


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