Sheer Trend "Yay or Nay"

Besides humming to "cold war" by Janelle Monae, I've been seriously trying to wrap my head around the all refreshed sheer craze. I can understand the minimal need for a sheer impression but an all out see through ??? I think I need a moment...anyhow I took the chance to share these thoughts out loud.

So do you think it's going to linger on as a wow...must have or just fade away like many fashion faux pas before it or perhaps I need to snap out of it and heart it?
~I think I'll have to pass on the almost nude sheer...but bare/sheer done nicely is my forte.
 Kim Kardashian
 Lady Gaga
 Nicki Minaj
 Naomi Campbell
Images: Cassie, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell


The Corner Shop said...

Mehn, wearing it like gaga (and RiRi) for that matter is a definite NAY!! But I think Kim did it right. If done right it could look great.


Stella Kodi said...

Hey girl, how are you doing?...I'm with you on that, if done right! Kim wasn't over the top. Rihanna has quite a number of barely there to flaunt...lol

Titi's Passion said...

It too shall pass am sure, lol. Not a fan especially on Gaga.

kitkat said...

i dnt think i cn ever wear this. i jst wont feel comfy lol

Tiffany said...

ughh, i really hate how cassie shaved her head! but i like all the outfits..minus lady gaga's :/ lol

Stella Kodi said...

@ Titi...I concur, it too shall pass...lol. hope you're still cooking up a storm and having fun.

@Kitty kat dear...isn't it a good thing that we can do our own thing than restricted...so yeah def. do you!

@Tiffany...nice of you to stop by...I think we all have that feeling abt miss gaga...lol

Ag said...

Am I the only one that think Nicki needs to stop and sit down with those horrific cat suits! yuck! but Cassie and Kim K's dresses are fab!

Stella Kodi said...

lol @ Ag... you're so not the only one, I personally think her look is despicable...too much effort.

btw...thanks for stopping by...off to yours.

Vickii said...

Hey hun! How are you doing? Where are your recipes? *hmph* :)

I like the sheer thing but in classy panels like Cassie's. They others are a bit too much. I like sheer backs or sheer cut-outs on the side of dresses too!


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