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Once again, I am so delighted to be a part of this blogger community, especially with all the warmt that I feel each time from my new acquaitances. Many thanks and appreciation to YNC (one of the sweetest blogger I know, very insightful and beautiful) and The Corner Shop (such a gorgeous doll all around, my new obsession...lol)  for extending the One Lovely Blog Award to Chic Lounge. I am so thrilled that anyone fancied my blog, so thank you.

Having said that, the rules of being tagged are as follow: I have to share 7 things about me. Each recipient I mentioned on my list will be informed and required to pass the award on to another 15 of their favorite and newly found blogs until everyone feels the love.

  1. I'm definitely not a girly girl, but I admire those that it comes natural to, from the make-up to the painted toes.
  2. I sometimes like to watch old movies (even in black and white), I once dedicated my weekend to Jane Austen's classics.
  3. Lately, I've had to take a big step to admitting that I interrupt in a conversation, so i'm working on it.
  4. I hate to dress-up to an event that ends up being an irrelevant ocassion, I see it as a waste of outfit.
  5. My new adventure have included baking and cooking all sorts of craving. This weekend I made some type of Thai peanut stir fry sauce with my own twist...let's just say only me and one more person who loved me enough ate it...it was edible, will definitely perfect it next time.
  6. last time I went mountain bike riding, I came crashing downhill but after weeks of nursing my wounds I am ready to do it again. No pain no game.
  7. Unlike some sweet lovers...I don't have chocolate cravings or enjoy ice cream parties, I think cake is a lot of fun to make but I don't eat it...just not anything that is excessively sweet.
My new found blog loves are: Simply Chic, Wild Spring, Brewing Happiness,Vickii, Titi's Passion,That Good Good Blog, Retromus-IK, Stylished Forever, Bleurgh, Lohi's Creations, Fashion Rehab,My bare Corner, Chinyelu, complex Simpliciti, Oneika the traveller.
If you're already been tagged ... it's just more Love.

Wish you all a lovely week!
On another note...Pls pray for Japan's earthquake victims


The Corner Shop said...

Oooh thanks for accepting, and for the compliment :p

Good one for trying the mountain biking again- i couldn't do that oh (i can't shout lol). I actually have a collection of some old movies, but i've only succeeded in watching Singin in the rain and 7 wives 7 brothers. Loved them though. Lol at the waste of outfit- i feel you!


Chizy K said...

Congrats on the award my dear, we certainly love ur blog


♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Thanks a bunch for this girl :)

Candace said...

So sweet! Thank you & I dig the list!

LohiO said...

Aww Thank you!!! Would do it soon!

Stella Kodi said...

You're so welcome gorgeous ladies...thanks for accepting...get on with the write-up because I'm so curious to learn more about each of you.

@ The Corner Shop...seriously, i was bleeding my way back home but I had to tough it up...It's always fun to do it regardless.

she851518 said...

You have really great work on fashion, I have also some Fashion News on my blog

Retromus-ik said...

Thank you, pretty lady! I'm sending the love right back!:) PS. I totally feel you on point #4

Yankeenaijababe said...

love ur tag, and hate interruption, also dressing up to find the outfit didn't fit the occasion sucks..love girly girls...:=)

Titi's Passion said...

I will be completing this tmrw:) Ditto @ #4 n mountain bike riding sounds like fun.

Stella Kodi said...

@Retro...thanks for accepting, waiting to read yours...lol
@yay YNC...more stuff I've got in common with you
@ Titi, it's always fun doing riding...but I think I might stick to the bike trails for now.

Vickii said...

Hey hun! Thank you so much for tagging me :)

I'm not a girly girl either! But funnily enough people always think I am - I think it's because I wear loads of dresses. Also funnily, I'm always offended though I do admire those girls that are always so perfectly put together.

Make sure you share some of your cooking and baking adventures on your blog okay? :)

Have a lovely week!

Yankeenaijababe said...


I know right, my twin blog sister, how about that?

ABIGAIL NY said...

Congrats on the award!


Stella Kodi said...

hi Vickii dear...I hear you on the sharing thing but don't see that happening anytime soon...lol

Thanks Abigail...


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