Update: Wknd run at Coronado

I'm so glad I got this over with...It was a very refreshing feeling afterwards.
The turnout was in the thousands and the race started at 7:30am
Coronado is such a beautiful place so I had to slow down a few times to
take a pic...I had great energy going in, so I ran quite a bit before catching a breath.
Thanks to all the cheering up and advices from my loveliest blogger friends
No matter what, I insisted that the super parents with strollers
will not pass me...lol, it was all fun and game in the end...

On another note...Thanks to all my new readers, followers and everyone brave enough
to leave a kind comment. As you know, it's my opportunity to check you out
and get acquainted with your own stuff...thanks again! you all are the best!

almost there

team effort


The Corner Shop said...

Oh wow! That's totally impressive. If i had finished a run like that i definitely wouldn't be posing and smiling- i'd be flat on the floor wishing i were dead. Relaxing? Wow! lol.

And hey, are those medals? That's so cool. Uhm, was the baby in the stroller part of the team too? lol

Chic Lounge said...

Girl I think you would smile just for getting to the finish line, I had moments of exhaustion but that was way after.

You bet that Kid was part of it all...apparently she was telling her parents to go faster...lol

and yeah that is a medal of completion...

Titi's Passion said...

From your pictures it looked like a breeze for u:) Coronado is beautiful, judging from the 2nd picture alone. Congrats again.

Chic Lounge said...

Thanks Mami...I had fun doing it, maybe that's why I look that way...lol
But coronado Island is soo gorgeous...a def place to be.

Vickii said...

Well done you! Sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic time :) You're right, it's really beautiful!

Chic Lounge said...

Thanks Vickii...it was fun!


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