Top Men designers- 2011 Runway

I really love that designers, in as much as they are unique in their own styles are choosing to immerse into same color trend this Season. This time I thought why not feature the 3 top men designers for whatever it's worth. From myriads of their collection these are the few pieces I truly like.

Michael Kors- ready to wear
Vibrance speaks of nature as expressed in Kors' Naturaluxe pieces.
And bravo for his effort on all organic materials for this collection
  • Michael Kors Fashion Wk Sp2011/ Image source: style.com
Marc Jacobs- ready to wear
I think MJ is always on to the next when it comes to his fashion choices...
as his ode to the 70s influence were seen everywhere past season...
Sp 2011 rtw
Fall 2011 rtw
  • Marc Jacobs Sp 2011 runway/ Fall 2011/ Image source: style.com
Oscar de la Renta- ready to wear
The privilege of sending a style with message down the runway has been what Oscar de la Renta
 Pre-Fall 2011
Fall 2011 runway
  • Oscar de la Renta/pre-fall/fall 2011 runway/ image source: style.com


The Corner Shop said...

All these are just so lovely! I like MJ the most though- always have :D Look at that pink gown! OMG! *major drooling*

Chic Lounge said...

lol...I think that dress has got the ish factor

hope you're doing great, have a lovely wknd girl...

*Super Star Sumz* said...

Loved this post. The designs are all beautiful!

Thanks for checking out my blog - yours is really cool :)


Titi's Passion said...

I love all your choices I a huge MJ, Oscar and Kors fan! Loved their collections. I want them all, lol

Yankeenaijababe said...

Wow! loving this outfits, can I get one?lol wink!

Chinyelu said...

Hi CL, please i'd like to ask you a question about your blog. Please can you give me an email address to reach you?
Thanks a lot

Chic Lounge said...

thanks for checking for stopping by @ super Star

@Titi...if only we can have everything we love...I'll def get all of that and some...lol

Hey YNC, how are you Missy...get one for me while you're at it...lol

@chinyelu thanks for checking my blog out...and check your inbox my email


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