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I didn't frankly think I could go this length of time w/o blogging but I sure did...so what have I missed...
HAppy Belated New Year!!!I definitely can't complain, so much has happened in such little time...I've got to see lots of family this few months.
Happy Valentine!!! on that note, I was kinda confused when ppl called to wish Happy V-day, was it some thing I missed the memo on...I thut it was weird...and Maybe it's b'cos I cld careless abt the cliché loves in the air...couldn't fool me.
Anyhow...on the real though...I missed writing a thing or two...
so since I got my haircut...dressing up has been interesting, I totally love it, althugh it takes me time to get my hair to a likeable stage each time, but I have to make it work.
So I have a friend's album release party coming up...and is an all black event...I def wanna do simple top and skinny jean but the accessory has been bit of a challenge...I want black but bold look for bracelet, a black clutch since my closed toe shoe is black and white.Now for the face I want either Pink or Red lipstick...
I rummaged thru old pics and found a pic of both colors ... but i'm still deciding between
Pink Lipstick by MAC (forgot the specific name) and DrumBeat Red by L'Oreal

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