B-day + X-mas in the air

Duncan Daniels, Banni and moi

I am so out of this season madness...I doubt I am the only one who isn't feeling the festivities. Either way I made it to Boston on time for Duncan to wrap up his recording session so that I can grab a B-day dinner...my precious Banni had to be dragged to an impromptu night out from work...lol. after much anticipation we ended up at Jillians. However, things got even out of hand whn we got to the town of Dracut(middle of no where) to drop Banni off and I was def out of gas. the only 2 gas station in the town was closed for the day and hell, I still needed to get to RI. Let's just say yari yari yara it was past midnight in the freezing near blizzard temperature, moi and Duncan were out of options, hence we crashed at Banni's and got the heck out before 7am whn we cld get gas...phewww!!! it was so funny cos we never saw it coming but now it's amusing...

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