Thinking beyond Borders

I am So not happy right now...Lately, especially today all I can think of is Interning in Japan, teaching in Korea, Ghana, volunteering in Thailand, Vietnam, and Canada. But no! I have to worry abt little details about the program costs and in some case some random heinous application process. I think it defeats the whole purpose of volunteering...cos I'm paying all this money to work my butt of for nothing. While I enjoy the enriching wholesome experience that I am exposed to, it's rather frustrating to get through this processes. I thought about PeaceCorp but those are binding 2yrs program and I only have one to give. I really wanted to do something in Africa, but it's not looking pleasant.

By the way, anyone know a good international program that they'ld recommend, let me know. I guess i've been labeled a "global trotter" because it is what I love to do...i just wished it'ld be less of a painful process sometimes. And any one is welcomed to join the trotting team...lol, seriously...

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