World of Shocking deliveries

Ok lately I've been thinking, If this is not another era of "baby boomer" I don't know what is. First there was the Angelina Jolie look alike single parent who had octuplets in addition to her six other children, now that's a total of 14 children in this crazy economy. Of course she is going to need welfare support to care for those children, first of all, why would she go through In vitro fertilization or take fertility drugs whatever the case is; I sure know it was not a natural process.

Now the one I can't quite swallow yet is the 13 years old child who just became a father after his 15 years old girlfriend delivered their baby. If that's not shocking, then maybe we should all just hold hands and sing Kumbaya! The boy looks like he could use some of the baby formula b'cos he hasn't even gone through the developmental process. My theory is that the girl has something she's not telling, but who knows, kids grow up fast these days...I suppose

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