Life comes All at Once

Gush!!!...I don't even know where to start, I feel like I'm a walking Robot waiting to go gaga...Ok I suck at expressions...but goodness, I am constantly on the move these days. It seems like I need more than a 24hr in my day. I finally got the LSAT outta the way (staying positive). My new adventure is teaching the 4th graders, and this chaps are the smartest thing I've seen in years. I am doing a lot of new things this year, and some exciting...some not. Grad is approaching really fast and I have to be on point for everything.

I am beginning to have issues with this present economic state. Why does it have to happen now that I need to venture into the working world? There's no way it is just my luck, something's gotta be done soon b'cos I need a Job like right now. I hate to stress Obama but, whatever stimulus ideas he has better be making a difference in my pocket ASAP.

I'm not usually the type to screaming with frustration but I think I'm getting pushed...and I might just react...

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