It's 2008 !!!

Wow...by March last year, I thought the year was going to just keep dragging, then along came september... things started picking up, by the time I came back from the thanksgiving hype...I couldn't believe I had to study yet again for finals...I was not looking forward to it at all...and then it came to past...and softly, snowy, and gently December arrived with my birthday packages and xmas excitement...I was loving the mood, then last night...I could not wait to usher in the New Yr at Church...and yeah my assumed ex-best friend was there as well...we hugged,smiled but didn't say a coherent word to each other, I remembered to say good night and was still caught up in my inner joy and anticipation. Anyway...that's that, I'm still waiting on IHAT to call me...but while they take their precious time, I shall be endulging in the books I ordered which aren't here yet. I'm finally going to  read "Drop Dead Beautiful" and "Purple Hibiscus", i'm kinda curious to see what the books are all about.

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