It's Your Womb

It's amazing the kind of things that ain't as ludicrous as they used to sound few years back...who ever thought about renting their womb, but if you think about it, these are brave and heroic ladies who can make such sacrifice to help other women...and so what if it involves some monetary transaction here and there...they are already giving so much.

Surrogate Mothers: Womb for Rent
Customer service, tech support...these days we outsource everything to India. So why not pregnancy? Here is a report on the growing number of Indian women willing to carry an American child.
By Abigail Haworth
for your curiousity, there is more in, http://lifestyle.msn.com/mindbodyandsoul/womenintheworld/articlemc.aspx?cp-documentid=5835633>1=10715


BeautyinBaltimore said...

When I saw this on 60 minutes, I could not believe it.

CW said...

Mentally, I have place myself in that position wondering how one copes with the experience...Giving that baby up must be the hardest thing to do...I may sound like Captain Obvious because I'm childless myself : )



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