Miss S.Carolina Total BS

For heaven's sake, I didn't know it would be so hard to answer such questions as the one our pretty miss S. Carolina fumbled with. I had no clue what she started with and the end. She definitely made the whole beauties seem like all round B.S, I wonder how people like that got to compete in the first place, then again it's S. Carolina...good God, she's a blend of everything stereotypical of blondes, although I don't believe in beauty w/fish brains. My deepest sympathy goes out to all her friends and families.


Chic and Charming said...

I read about that clip this morning-its pretty awful. She was invited onto the Today show (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HoVFr3-Nhs) and still managed to place! Talk about awarding ignorance! But as a former resident of North Carolina, I would like to point out that she was actually Miss South Carolina.

RaRe-DiVa-Tella said...

Hey Chic & Charming...North/South, she's sure representing Carolina...lol. she was a total joke.


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