Much needed Girls Night Out

Hey lovelies!
Ok I feel like I've been on fast forward button since the end of summer. I haven't even had a leisure time to reflect. My only meditation has been the early hours at 5am ish. Anywho, my girl from the east has been working in Cali but we rarely get to hang out, so we took a pledge to make time when an additional school mate came to visit.
Let me just say I really hate the distance in Cali compared to the east coast. It took me almost three hours on my way to Calabasas but good thing we figured out quick that we better meet at Sunset Blvd. I was exhausted, what was thinking wearing heels on the concave streets of hollywood, I admit, I totally took them off and walked bare for a bit (one of those moment that make me wonder why girl put up with heels).

Anywho, getting there quite late we weren't as thrilled to jump into the comedy store half way into the act, so ended up walking, talking and people watching...Until we ventured into a Rosa Mexicano for a bite...we hated it...but loved the nachos with mild guacamole dip.For consolation, the management didn't bill us afterall, so Yay! to bad food with good ambience.

On the risky side...I had to drive home which was an hour away, I debated it but, I just wanted to wake on my own bed...so I did and heaven knows I struggled to stay awake and on my lane but 3am drive was no joke...but I got back safe...phewww

Below are just a few pic that we did take...


Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I love girl's night out dates!! YAY and it looks like you girls had a great time. Thanks for sharing girl.

<3 Marina

Stella Kodi said...

Hi Marina, how are you? thanks for stopping by gorgeous and yes we had lots of laughs that night

I'm off to check you out lady...


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