In My Bag (meme)

I apologize for putting this off...But I've been down with cold and all the nonsense that comes with being sick. As if that's not enough...I can't find my ID/licence and heaven knows I hate the DMV lines, but I have to be there this week.

I was tagged in this meme by the ever sweet YNC 
and Now I'm passing the torch on to a mix of my old and new blog lovelies: Candace of Wild Spring, Fatima B. of Ingredients for Style , Retromusik, BLeurgh, Fashion.Makeup.Lifestyle, Titi's Passion, and Janalyn.
Anyhow...I hope everyone had a great weekend...I finally made it to walk around Venice Beach...It's definitely the beach to see in CA...not for the beauty of the beach but for the entertainments, the shops, and if you enjoy people watching, you'll love the human characters on display. But late in the day it was chilly and windy...hence my sniffling afterwards.

moving on though...IN MY BAG...this Nicole Lee - fold over clutch is like my new favorite thing...I love that it has both floral and bold color to it, and it fits so many things...so don't let the size fool you.

  I always have this items. My MUST have is my phone, wallet, my classic chapstick (it has to be the black/white), my shiny.licious Lip Gloss from Maybelline (no other brand), and my cherry blossom hand sanitizer. But the items I pack out of necessity is my Mary Kay hand lotion, my Elizabeth Arden pastel pink lipstick, a lip wand/liner (I'm not yet big on the whole 9yards of makeup, so i keep it basic), my pink portable hair brush/mirror, and some type of mint or gum.
~I feel complete when everything's in~

Sunday Brunch


The Corner Shop said...

Your bag is soooo pretty! You don't carry much load around do you? lol! Beautiful purse too. I feel you on the basic makeup!


And thanks for your encouraging comment :D

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Hi Doll great items you carry around..such a lady. LOVE aIT.

and thx for tagging me and promise will post about it soon.

<3 Marina

Angel Garcia said...

Haha call me nosy but I always love reading these posts.. I always find it interesting to see what people carry with them

All the best, Angel

Titi's Passion said...

Cute purse it does fit alot of stuff! I will be putting p my post this week.

Chizy K said...

lovely purse. n the whole outfit is awesome

Stella Kodi said...

thanks lovely people...
@Adiya...I guess I don't carry much around...but depending on where I'm going to for the day...the item might be more...prob not less

@ Marina and Titi...definitely post yours soon...I wanna nosey around

@Angel Garcia...you're not alone...I enjoy other people's bag contents too

@Chizy K...thanks beautiful


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