Thanks to YNC I am thrilled to be tagged on "Stylish and Versatile Award." I think she is such a generous and gorgeous lady and for that I adore her.
Apparently, there is conditions to this which I intend to  follow to avoid messing up.

Here Goes:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself. 3.  Award 15 other bloggers.

I am suppose to tag my 15 worthy bloggers, unfortunately everyone I thought of have been tagged...So my tag goes out to all my blogger readers and all those that take time to leave a word or more...With that being said...I will move on to my 7 confessions if I may:
*First things first, I think I am obsessed with freedom from drama because it allows me to think and process things clearly. Not that I don't enjoy watching the craziness that unfolds with the real housewives from time to time. But I have no desire for bickering and the exhaustion that come with such.
*I have a weakness for embracing most people as being good and no matter how often I have been disappointed I still have to make the conscious effort to step back and observe.

* I use to be open to the concept of best friends until I didn't anymore. I think it is an effort worth sharing with someone worthy of it...I now believe in treating each person as an individual and accord them with the same respect and expectation of friendship in the moment that I have to spend with them.

*Among everything fashion, I love to write down my thoughts, so I still keep planners and write down whatever comes to mind; from my motto of the year to the phrase on my last fortune cookie (not that I believe in them)

*Besides wearing clothes as is...I enjoy altering my clothes if I think I have had enough of the original look... hence, I don't like generic looks. and just because I love the entirety of fashion doesn't mean I would be caught watching the Award shows more than once if any a year.

*I love all things music...from Country's Rascal Flatts to Bruno Mars(the new love of my life), Eminem's angry rages to Gospel, and everything else in between. music makes the world go round and I can't imagine a life without anything to sing and swing to. Although I don't know if I can loosen up to understand the Bieber Fever or seriously whip my hair to Willow Smith's catchy beat.

*Finally, I love the adventures in life, even those that I am not able to do now...I dream of them and it's quite fun. I enjoy traveling, visiting new places, and learning new things about cultures and people. I don't for a second believe that a person can be completely well rounded if they never allow themselves to experience things outside of their comfort zone. Perhaps this is why I mostly watch documentaries as suppose to regular tv programs. I can't wait for where next the wind blows me to...lol


Yankeenaijababe said...

Funny we share a lot in common with music , travel, opening up sometimes to people...nice to know more about ya!

Chic Lounge said...

Thanks to you Lady...I guess it was fun doing it after all...
hope you're have a great week...

stay fabulous as always...

The Corner Shop said...

LOL!!! I don't think i can understand the Bieber Fever either! :o My little sister even caught it. Appalling!

I love music too! And hey, don't still Bruno Mars away from me! :D


Chic Lounge said...

lol...You know maybe it means that this next generation are more vicious lovers...I have no idea... they got all sad that Esparanza Spalding- a newbie stole the grammys attention from Beiber...

But my dear Adiya...I'll take a grenade for my Bruno...lol


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