Discovering Duro Olowu

So I had an amazing saturday filled with laughter that even
the threatening rain didn't dare to mess up...from the interesting experience of a French gourmet to the comedy club where I couldn't stop laughing either...so need I say more about my fantabulous day...courtesy of a good company...
*Moving on...Before now I didn't have a clue who Duro Olowu was. But like all things, you learn about new desingers everyday. He is definitely a force to look at for with his radiant colors and prints. His styles are a blend of his Nigerian culture and England, where he's based.
I think his choice of colors and styles are for the confident, bold, and beautiful women.
hope you like these too...(photos credit: Style.com)
Duro Olowu 2011 Spring collection
Duro Olowu 2010 Collection (the two are my favorites thus far)


Dee O. said...

WOW!!! These designs are absolutely AMAZING!!! I love how African designers & designs have such a strong presence in the fashion industry, it makes me so proud :)


Chic Lounge said...

Yes Dee...I agree, they're making strides to be seen and worn by all...although I worry abt the originality sometimes...


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