dress up and down with rihanna

Trust me, I've had enough of Rihanna...maybe this is the last post where I emphasize her style. But I've always loved the idea of this mini skirts and I just wanted to share my look.
  • The casual tank and skirt...I wore in Vegas trip
  • For the dressier look I paired the skirt with a versatile VS strapless top from a while back (this look was a do over b'cos I've worn it before with red accessories for a diff event but I didn't get a good pic of it).


Chic Therapy said...

lol!! in my mind i think i'm over with Rihanna(I want to be over with her)but her style just cannot be ignored!!You pulled off that skirt!!!Loves it

Kodi said...

yeah it's one of those moments...use to have that issue with Victoria Beckham...but I'll get over it soon.
hope you're as fab and glam as you can be...
thanks for stopping by.

Fashionably Black said...

It's perfect, sexy yet casual. The tank adds the casualness, while the form fitting skirt provides the sexy.


Kodi said...

thanks FashB for the sweet comment...love your name btw.


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