Life of an 09' Grad

It's been a month since graduation and the job market is still not yielding...at least it's still gloomy. I'm probably the most less bothered right now but I need something to happen soon. last week I went off to NY and NJ for the weekend, I hung out with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in 5yrs then my Cousin dragged us to MR WesT for a friends's send off lounge party. It was quite enjoyable, we had a blast until 3am, we practically had to fight to beat the sunrise to NJ...It kinda reminded me of last summer, where we did that a few times and would have to pray we didn't wake anyone up that early...lol. Anyway that was fun, so I checked out to Cali 3 days after because I have missed my sibs, and since it's my other job alternative location...why not.

So far I'm getting my acts together to Study for my LSAT this september. I'm going for Chimamanda Adichie's new book "The things around your neck" talk and signing on the 24th in LA...but after that is still in the works...

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