H'ppy 2009 from my heart

Yes! Yes! Yes!...the New Year 2009 is indeed here. Wow, I can't say it was a long awaited one because you should have spent the last bit of 08' trying to make it work or finish with a bang instead of laying around hopelessly waiting for 09' that you didn't know what it's like yet...lol, maybe it's just me...So yeah, we are here and even though we like to throw the last yr out the window and start new...the beginning of 09' is however a continuum of the days before it, you are gonna need all the skills you've acquired in 08' to get through 09', questions is are you going to choose to repeat same mistakes, or learn from it? It is good to start with a blank slate, allow yourself to examine each action, process your thoughts clearly, and then deliver. Anyway, we don't all start same way but whatever your goal is, go ahead...aim, take a shot and achieve it...giving up should never exist in anyone's vocab of choice. Though each waking day might seem bleak but...I intend on facing it with every ounce of gushing Chutzpah and giving it my all. Have a joyous and memorable New Yr...and if done all you can 'just live your life'

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