Over-Heard In London

I know it seems cruel to be eaves dropping but if you go around being loud and I have to put up with your noise...maybe I can compensate by being nosey posey...anyway I always find it intriguing what people say w/o a care who's listening, so I got nerdy and started writing them down...here a lil snippet of London. Who ever said they're stoic and cultured...hmmmm

Mon/9:00am/Professor: "If I have to teach this class again I might just hand out razor blades and start a cult"

Mon/2:00pm/Professor: "Americans are never going to succeed if they don't learn how to pronounce the letter 'Z' correctly"

Same Professor: "I'm having a computer problem at the moment but since I'm not part of a computer generation, I don't feel it's part of me that is failing but technology"

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