Back from London


Hush now hmmmmm...A new day has come!
I guess I feel like singing and dancing...yes. Now that I am back from London and have had my jetlag moments. But I'm back and having some time to reflect on my experience... I spent some time in Bath, Nottingham and Hertfordshire...London was my base for the most part. Being away from all familiar faces and places I was able to grow alone. I learnt a whole lot about my weakness and strength. I now know who my friends are and who to cross out of the list. I even came back loving all of me and the challenges I have overcome, my renewed visions and motivations. I didn't anticipate the liberation and sense of fulfillment that London reafirmed. I am so glad I took the opportunity even though I had my laundry list of prejudice about London in the beginning. I am happy with the friends I made there, few I wish I never met so I'm maintaining my distance.

some of my highlights were meeting Anne Hathaway(actress), Kosibah(designer), Honeybee(designer),Steven Frears a movie director of some of the movies we watched in class (Dirty Pretty Things) and Hanif Kureishi (author: "Buddha of Suburbia" and "Something to tell you")visiting and signing our books after the rounds of questions, and of course being taught by such an accomplished producer and professor. There was a lot of great moments in and out of London and I would do them over if I have to.

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