Tid-Bit of London Outing

So the one event I anticipated (Miss West Africa-UK) has come and gone. I was kind of glad I settled with wearing a really chic top and a skinny jean that stood out from all the dress up I saw. I was sort of disappointed that the event did not start on time, the hall was small and yet no audience to fill it up. Once I walked in the first person I saw was Mr. Kosibah himself, you could almost tell of his disappointment as well. Some lady actually offered me her 25quid ticket b'cos she was on time and the event will not be starting soon. So I didn't end up paying, anyway, it eventually started with few awkward jokes from the hosts. My highlight as I hoped was Kosibah creation and Honey Bee design...I wasn't exactly sure who the singers were...I know one is from Uganda, he wasn't bad at all, another from Nigeria (guest star). But the overall pageant thing...I guess the girl that won was almost predictable, there was not that much to choose from (just my lil critique).

Kosibah Creation:

HOney Bee:

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