Luv Fashion- should U care

Somewhere in my deepest thoughts, I wondered about this whole shebang that every girl dares to be the next fashion forward diva...from the chimmy choos, the Louis Vuitton,Burberry to the chanel and prada plus whatever name sounds glamorous. Now I know some are born to look good always, don't even have to try...it's just a taste that's there, but some more because they have the need to be in the know. But who do girls really wear these clothes to impress...you might think it's the gentlemen but perhaps...women for the most part dress for other women more than anything. I personally don't see anything wrong with having good sense of fashion, whether affordable or not, it has to be your style and what you feel good in. Some guys do think that a girl with such trendy fashion sense is indicative of being a high maintainance, and then half of them don't even notice the difference between your new cavalli ring with a twist from the one at GAP.

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