Emanuel Ungaro

Yves Saint Laurent


Among the many celebrities who made their way to Paris were The Olsen twins, Gorgeous Rihanna, Kanye West and his Wife.
As you might have guessed...it's a rare day, a special day because it happens every 4 yrs. I propose that it should be designated as a "WHATEVER" day...lol. Anyway It's Paris Fashion week...and Voila!!! I got a little scoop...just to give you the idea. ( Is Rihanna giving the middle finger?)


pink gloves said...

wait oh Kanye got married?

I am in love with Rhianna hair cut and style. SHe has definitely knocked Beyonce out stylewise.

RaRe-DiVa-Tella said...

I believe he did get married.

Anonymous said...

I would so wear the dress by Emmanuel Ungaro...it looks stunning


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