Shortage Of Women

So I was listening to my favorite radio station on my way to work and got this solid info about shortage of women in Eastern Germany, ratio of women to men is less than 82:100. I thought wow...how nice if only that was possible in places like Nigeria...it would mean less children and focus on caring for those that are already out there...and who knows maybe such will bring patriarchal societies to appreciate women in their life...that's just my thought. I thought i posted the link but ...I guess not, however if you care to read more or celebrating with the neo-Nazi's about the possibilities of no women... http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/node/4971


BeautyinBaltimore said...

China is currently going through the same issue and what men do when they have a shortage of women is go looking for women in foreign lands. Most men can't imagine a life without sex!

RaRe-DiVa-Tella said...

hahha!..gurl you'r crazy...but true talk though.


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