An Engagement + The Wedding + A FIASCO

I don't even know how to start.I didn't wanna have to say anything mean either B'cos I love these folks. So the long awaited 07-07-07 wedding has finally come. There I was with my aunt all excited for these day. First we will be attending the engagement, we've never been to one, so we were looking forward to see what happens in such event. It started 5pm, so being that it's Nigerian event we decided to allow at least 2hrs for those gele- die hard fans. Then we made our way into the hall at 7pm, to my surprise the partying had already begun...except without any dancing but ppl sitting face to face...the groom's family on one side and the bride's on the other, initially we weren't smart enough to figure out why we were sitting on the other side while we waved to all the ppl we knew on the opposite side. Anyway...I can go on and on...basically I had dressed up in my chic summer short dress feeling gutsy...since i don't usually wear mini anything. And here i was standing up for the whole night after my sit was hustled without my consent. I had no clue what was going on b'cos the whole program was not in english and I couldn't find an all night interpreter. So as you can imagine my excitement got dimmer and I was ready to bounce. I did not bargain for an unending standing ovation, especially when it took 5hrs for the bride to come in, and even when she did...the gele obstruction ruined the best part of my picture attempts. Anyway basically, we had to call it a night to save our sanity for the D-DAY (next day). This too had come and gone...and honestly...I would have to recuperate to talk abt the D-DAY wedding. For now I shall digress.

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