Cruise-Vacay Day 1

DAY 1 at SEA | en route TURKS and CAICOS
For some reason I thought I would get right on to dishing my vacay escapades but I've been extremely busy and the last thing on my mind was sorting through photos.

But I intend to share little deets of each day I spent at sea...especially, what was worn for what events. So sit back down where you belong...lol (i'm in Lady gaga land at the moment)

Being the first night, I wanted something a bit more relaxed. We missed our 6pm dinner, so we weren't in a hurry. But this was the longest day and we tired out pretty quickly at midnight.

 Being the no makeup person that I am...I let Jen try some on me for the heck of it. And it looked different for sure. I succeeded at fitting into the kimono style I was wearing.

Each day included at sea or at the port meant a bikini day. So I packed a few swim wear with me, now that I look back, I would have probably added one more bikini set to the list.
Sailing from Miami to Turks and Caicos was the longest, so we spend one whole day at sea.

The best part was relaxing at the deck with no phones, no work or school distractions...but trying to read the last chapters of my 50shades Freed. The wind was impossible, I had to chase down my hat a couple of times.

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