Friday Rants + photos

Everyday I live, I learn, and I yearn to find the deeper meaning of life. Even in the basic things that we so take for granted. Somedays I believe and sometimes I don't. However, today I got inspired from within because I no longer want to doubt what I believe. I have experienced some greatness that just makes it all worth it. I'm so sorry if you fail to understand me completely but I will leave it as is...no further explanation for now.

I'm on break from studying my head out for now and I seem to indulge in laziness at least a couple of hours in a day when I'm not working...and I love it. summers like this bring back the itchiness to get away but I really have not let that thought marinate deeper. But wherever and whatever you all choose to do this summer...have a blast and make it a memory.
My past weekend was mostly spent unplanned but those are usually the perfect times.
Some friends and I wanted to check out the Laugh factory but being that it was last minute, we got their and not even the standing room was available...so the natural thing was to go down to the sister company "the comedy store" and the horror of that was listening to Tony Clifton, who's joke was extremely X-rated, just too sick to stomach, at least for me...but I always have fun either way just being in sunset Blvd.
Anyhow, I visited the lovely duos of glitterboutique in Claremont and happened to take a few photos. I get quite lazy whipping out the camera these days, especially when I have to focus it on me...I enjoying taking photos of other people...but here's a few. my choice of outfit depends on my hair lately, I couldn't figure out any creative thing to do with my hair at the moment, so I threw on a hat.

Shali and I
 I'm becoming a wide eyed girl (above)

Have a lovely weekend lovies!!!

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